Month: August 2018

How To Make Sure Your Exterior Painting Last Longer

by James

Exterior Painting Tips

Decorating and painting can be particularly difficult on the level where there is a great risk of falling. That is why it is a good idea to hire a professional painting team to get a good job. If you are thinking about painting your exterior, then it is helpful to know more about how to make your exterior paint last longer. The length of time for exterior paint has increased almost twice, research and development (R & D) followed, making most exterior paints last longer. Knowing the 100% high-quality acrylic oil available now, along with other materials such as time and labor, and most of those who have an external coating function, do not want to repeat it anytime in the near future. Now, most exterior paintwork lasts anywhere from 8 to 15 years, depending on the quality of the exterior paint. However, even the use of the best products and materials will not guarantee that the paint mentioned in the box is guaranteed. Here are some key shortcuts that should be avoided when coating the external facade, ensuring always beautiful and protected from harsh weather elements. 1) Never apply and paint materials the same day of power washing. This applies to caulks and paint. Allow the substance to completely dry out the crack or cracks. Usually after 24-48 hours after power washing ensures, you will get a dry surface of these products for adhesion and installation. Many times unscrupulous paint contractors who are in a hurry to start and finish the external painting job will start damming and sorting the same day of power washing, which is a big no no. 2) Do not think power washing takes the place of scraping. After the power washing is completed, and completely dried, hand abrasion should be performed. Power washing removes only dirt. Dirt and large pieces of paint that are raised, curling. Washing will damage the high wood surface and wash it very close to the surface, so the hand scraper is used to arrange the work, just as the dentist uses a tool to check cavities. 3) Caulking over the old caulk- The Aged caulk will fill several times from at least one surface, if not both, at a 90 degree angle, for example when pruning meets. Never seal the old dam, since this chapter has already been done with the old dam, and the new dam will follow the same lines of separation if the old dam is not removed. More time is included, but worth the effort, before applying any external coating. 4) Do not paint on bare wood areas with finished coat coating. You will receive bare wood primer much better than trim or body paint in your choice of colors. The exterior primer is designed with better bonding material inside the coating than the end coats. It allows the tandem coats to bond with external primers much better than abstract wood. Once the bulk paint is removed, apply a thick uniform layer of primer to all bare wood surfaces. 5) Do not think 1 coat is adequate- Each paint brand recommends thickness mill for paint coating warranty. Need to know more about paint, this recommendation is not designed to adjust the pocketbooks of paint companies, but how your paint was tested before being put to the public, spending countless dollars on R & D. Yes, paint companies like Sherwin Williams, will benefit with more paint purchased. However, you will also benefit from following the directions listed on the paint tray, to get a uniform appearance and good quality. Exterior paint usually requires 13-16 damp mills. This can be achieved by applying 2 separate wet coats to a dry method of 6-10 mills of wet paint each. Top quality paint contractors follow these suggestions without question. It's a good idea to ask questions and monitor what happens when you use it, knowing that none of these exhausting shortcuts will ultimately inhibit quality for years to come. Also when choosing painters Tulsa OK, see other painting services provided, from interior painting, to deck cleaning, deck staining, side repairs and siding mattresses.