Month: July 2018

The Best Tips For Painting Your House In 2018

by James
Among the new suggestions from the experts in decoration, design, and painting, stand out the one of unifying rooms of strange forms with a single color. Also, paint a space of a green tone that takes you outside, it will look much more significant.
  • The range of painting inspired by minerals and gems is fashionable. Also those of calcareous tonality. If you have doubts, book a personal session with a color consultant.
  • Among the new favorites, there is also room for creamy tones. Ask about the use of several shades of the same color in a room, for doors, skirting boards, windows, and radiators. Make it unique to a nook or ceiling with a deeper shade.
  • One of the most cooling painting effects is that of shaded watercolor. It is not the most straightforward technique, but you can find videos to learn "how to do it."
  • The stains will cease to exist, new applications of various brands turn any color into a paint tone.
  • During the spring it is advisable to opt for clean and warm tones, in blocks or stripes, that make the house painters shine even more.

Paint Exterior Walls

by James

If you paint the outer walls of your house, it will give them a fresher and more caring appearance and will increase the value of your property. Also, the paint protects the walls from the effects of wind and inclement weather in general. But to paint exterior walls, you need specific knowledge and preparation. We recommend that you reserve plenty of time for the qualifications and that you use the highest quality materials. This way you will have the security of achieving excellent results and lasting protection.

Special attention points

Use paint brushes and rollers of good quality. With them, the results are markedly better.

Choose the painting

 Acrylic paint (water) is the best choice for exterior walls. This type of color helps to waterproof the walls and, at the same time, allows the moisture in the wall to evaporate. Before painting an exterior wall, remove as many obstacles as possible (shutters, plants, vines, etc.). Also, check the grout of the brick walls and remove the dowels, screws, nails and other elements you may find.

Aspects about Painting

The paintings on the market are of different types. You can find plastic, acrylic or latex paintings, vinyl ... The most used to paint a house inside are water-based plastic, to the detriment of synthetic enamels, as they leave little smell in the environment and are a smooth application. Being paints that dissolve in water, the remains or spots that can appear are easily removed with a damp cloth.

What you should keep in mind is that the color will seldom be precisely the one that is exposed in the color sample cards. You can try to paint a part of the surface and let time pass, to see how it turns out with the changes of light, with the upholstery of the sofa.

You should also decide on the finish of the painting, and you can paint with the opaque, semi-matt or glossy finish.